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Ethylene Plant - 350,000 TPY
Product ID : OM12637

Plant Description : This complete plant is designed to produce ethylene and propylene from naphtha and gas oil. The plant is still in operation. Major equipment had upgrade in recent years. For example, a new steam cracking furnace was installed in 2000 and is capable to process 40 tons/hr. New compressors and turbines were installed in 2000. Caustic soda of 15 % is used to eliminate sour gases contained in the naphtha feed. The naphtha / ethane furnace has 84% energy efficiency, naphtha / C4 furnace 84% - 90%, ethane furnace 90%, naphtha furnace 90%. Product ethylene is compressed at 17.5 tons/hr with suction pressure at 17 bar and discharge pressure of 80 – 97 bar. The compression is in 2 steps with cooling of every stage’s outlet. The unit is controlled through a "digital system of control command". The digital regulation is configured and programmed for the specific applications.

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