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Technical configuration: I. SHJ35 technical parameters Twin-screw stem length-diameter ratio 40:1 Twin-screw stem motor power 18.5KW AC II. Machine configuration 1. SHJ35 twin-screw extruder A. Gearbox 1) Reduction factor:2。5:1 2) Output shaft rotation speed:MAX600RPM 3) Input shaft rotation speed:MAX1500RPM 4) The compact host machine features integrated speed reduction and torque transfer with a design of parallel three axles. SKF bearings are used in the reducer, torque transfer device and as the radial bearing in the output shaft. B. Lubrication oil cooling system 1) Motor of oil pump 0.55KW 2) Lubrication oil model: Hai Brand 6402 made in Shanghai, middium load gear oil, model: 85W/90GL - 4. 3) Brand name: xi' an Oil Pump Plant 4) Condenser model:SL - 303 5) Lube oil pump model:CB - B6 C. Motor of host machine 1) Motor of host machine:18.5KW(AC motor) 2) Motor speed ( MAX):1500RPM 3) Brand name: Wannan Motor Plant D. Screw stem 1) Screw stem diameter:Φ35.5mm 2) L/D = 40:1 3) Screw stem with modular structure 4) The screw core shaft is made of 40CrNiMoA, and the screw thread components connect with the core shaft in an involute curve, which features high intensity, large load, and easy disassembly and assembly. 5) The screw components are made of high quality high-speed tool steel, W6MO5Cr4V2, that receives heat treatment with vacuum hardening at high temperature. 6) Whole hardness: HRC62-64

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Single Screw Extruder
Product ID : OM15356

For coating thin layer of polyolefin's (Mainly LDPE / PP) on substrates like Paper, Cotton Cloth, Woven fabrics, Jute fabric, Aluminum foil, BOPP film, Polyester film, etc. up to 5200 mm Web width applications. Tandem Lamination Plant For coating Circular Woven fabric, for producing multi layer laminates up to 5 layers along with the various substrates like Paper, Aluminum foil, Polyester film etc.

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Machine type - 1 (Extruder) Quantity: 1(one) unit Year of manufactured: 2009 Name of manufacturer: Neptune Plastic and metal Industries, Kolkata

Production capacity: 800 kg (24 hrs) Total connected power load: 60 HP Technical: 55MM Monofilament Extruder plant for mosquito net application for direct wraping system.

Machine type - 2 (Knitting) Quantity: 12(twelve) units Year of manufactured: 2009 Name of manufacturer: Knitters India, Bangalore Production capacity: 40 kg (24 hrs) per machine Total connected power load: 1 HP each Technical: Wrap Knitting Machine

We also have around 250 pcs of aluminium bobbin (each bobbin weighs around 5kgs).

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Product ID : OM12799

Used monolayer / single layer LDPE blown film extruder for sale:

It is an assembled machinery.

Output - 80-85 Kg plastic film per hr.

Machine can produce film in width - 14" To 40" and thickness - 20 - 100 microns.

Screw diameter - 65mm,

Die diameter - 300 mm,

Winder Width - 1250 mm,

Plant Height- 18 Feet,

Winder - Surface (Double Station)

Die - Rotation,

Bubble Guide - Calibration basket and wooden flattening board,

Winder Type - Surface winder - Double Station,

Winder Advantage - Online side slitting, center slitting and trimming facility with Trim Blower

Main Motor - Crompton Greaves Gear Box - Zeal Accesories - Corona Treater

Additional die of 125mm for HMHDPE production

Trim Blower

Slitter assembly on winder &

Gusseting device.

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PP STRAPPING BAND EXTRUSION LINEModel :CFB75Production Capacity : 85 kg./hr,Strap Size : 5.00mmx0.50mm Upto 19.00mmx0.80mm.

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Newly installed Seamless tube manufacturing plant in total can produce upto 15000 tons of seamless tubes with sizes ranging from 8-160mm diameter.It is a very well equipped plant with machinery from reputed companies of India and abroad. Land area of 10 acres well developed with full PCC and RCC, inside flooring and road. Sanction power of 1800 KVA with fully equipped sub-station with capacity to serve 2500 KVA. Also having 2 nos. silent gensets of capacity 1025 KVA and 125 KVA Two heavy and strongly built shed, one is single span of 100 ft and length around 600 ft and another one is double span of total 150 ft and length of around 550 ft. Building facilities includes, office building complex, labour quarters, etc. and plant is surrounded by 12 ft high boundary wall

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HDPE Pipe Machine
Product ID : OM1419

Capacity 450MM to 750MM Diameter. Double Wall Corrugated HDPE Pipe Model SBWX800A of diameter range 450mm to 750mm suitable for sewage big pipe projects having following major specifications Extrusion System with Autoloader Single screw Extruder of Dia 90 x 33 (L/D); 500kg/hr output Motor 160kW; Heating 28kW Single Screw Extruder of Dia 120 x 33 (L/D); 750kg/hr output Motor 250kW; Heating 56kW Siemens computerized controlling system Extrusion Dies and Inserts - 3 Sets Sets of dies + inserts for 450mm, 600mm and 750mm diameters Corrugator Shuttle type, Vacuum forming system and block cooling system Speed : 0.25 – 2.5m/min Combined Power : 92kW Mold Blocks - 3 Sets Material : High strength alloy aluminum with internal cooling Sets of blocks for 450mm, 600mm and 750mm diameters Each set has 12 pair of blocks Spray Cooling Bath complete with water pump Bath length : 5800mm Material : Stainless Steel Pump Power : 7.5kW Cutter PLC Controlled double-knife cutter Cutting range up to 800mm diameter Tipping Table Roller supported table with auto unload function Length : 1,000 mm

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